Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is QFI?

    Qatar Foundation International (QFI) is a US-based organization dedicated to advancing the learning and teaching of Arabic as a valuable, professional, and accessible global language.

  • Where is QFI located?

    QFI has its operational headquarters in Washington, DC.

  • Can you help me start an Arabic program in my district?

    When starting an Arabic language program in your district/school, there are many factors to consider such as teacher certification, student assessment, community support and sustainability. To discuss your needs and identify the best way we can help you meet them, please contact us with more details about your vision, and let’s start a conversation.

  • How does QFI help Arabic teachers?

    QFI provides access to classroom resources, professional development opportunities, connection to a global network of Arabic teachers, and more.

  • What opportunities does QFI provide for students?

    QFI’s programs enable students to study Arabic in school as part of their for-credit school curriculum. We also provide limited tuition assistance for first-year university students who plan to continue their study of Arabic and for students looking to attend summer Arabic programs.

    View student opportunities

  • How do I apply for a grant?

    To apply for a QFI grant or professional development program, please create a user account in our grant portal. After creating your login credentials, please complete your user profile and then take our eligibility quiz to determine which programs you may qualify for. The applications themselves vary from grant to grant. Some require writing a "personal statement" while others require a simple application form or scans of relevant documentation.

    Visit the grant portal to get started.

    Note: applying for a grant does not guarantee funding.

  • How is QFI connected to Qatar Foundation (QF)?

    QFI is a member of Qatar Foundation for Education, Science and Community Development (QF), a private, nonprofit organization founded in 1995.

  • What is QFI’s agenda?

    We exist for a simple reason: to increase the value of teaching and learning Arabic as a global language outside the Arab world.

  • Is QFI a government-affiliated organization?

    QFI operates independently and is not affiliated with any government.

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