Teacher Professional Development

QFI supports access to professional development opportunities on the teaching of Arabic and about the Arab world.

Every teacher is on a unique journey. QFI supports access to professional development opportunities for primary and secondary-level educators teaching Arabic and about the Arab world – no matter where you are in your career. QFI can also connect you to peer mentors, support, and training tailored to your experience, teaching context, and needs.


Professional Development Grants

Teacher Professional Development grants provide support for primary and secondary teachers of all subjects to participate in local events that enhance their ability to teach the Arabic language and/or about the Arab world.


Events and Conferences

QFI offers support through conferences, workshops, courses, connections to certification opportunities and other events. Check out our calendar for upcoming events.


Arabic Teacher Councils

QFI supports Arabic Teacher Councils for educators. Each council organizes activities, professional development events, and webinars throughout the academic year.


Arabic Educator Bulletin

The Arabic Educator Bulletin is a monthly newsletter for those interested in Arabic language teaching and learning at the primary and secondary levels. It offers teaching resources and activities, upcoming events, job postings, grant opportunities, and news.

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