#CelebrateArabic on World Arabic Day

Nov 30, 2023

Join Arabic language classrooms across the QFI network to celebrate World Arabic Day!

Since many schools are on holiday on Dec 18, the celebration starts early and lasts all month. Here’s how to participate: 

  1. Teachers, you choose the celebratory activity: sing a song, learn a dance, do Arabic calligraphy or an art project, recite poetry, have a spelling competition, etc. 
  2. Fill out this form to indicate that you will be participating. 
  3. Take videos/photos of your class participating in the activity (see guidelines below) and submit them in this folder between December 1 and 8
  4. When you upload your photo/video, create a folder with your name, name of the school and the level of Arabic (i.e. Ustaaza Caroline Sibley, UNC Chapel Hill, 3rd Year Arabic) 
  5. QFI will create and share posts from these submissions on World Arabic Day and throughout the month. Remember, if you share media with students’ faces, QFI will need a signed media release form for each student. If you do not have the permissions - focus your photos on student work or capture a video of them singing or dancing with the focus on their feet or the computer screen with a song playing.

Photo guidelines 

  • Photos can be taken portrait or landscape format 
  • Signed media release forms are required for any photos with student faces 
  • Photo ideas:  
    • Students engaged in a group activity 
    • Students singing a song or dancing at the front of the classroom 
    • Students engaged in visual arts, such as calligraphy or mosaics 

Video guidelines: 

  • Length: Keep videos short and sweet: Ideal video length ranges from 15 seconds to no longer than 2 minutes.  
  • Video orientation: Record the videos landscape (horizontal).  
  • Pro tips:
    • If using an iPhone 13 or higher, set your video settings (Settings>camera>record video) to: 1080 HD at 30 FPS, and turn off HDR video.
    • Keep it clear: When you are recording a video, you’ll want to make sure the audio is crisp and clean, and that the visuals are clear. Avoid noisy backgrounds and dimly lit areas. 
    • If time allows, capture a range of sequences from different POVs to create a variety of shots 

Supported by the Arabic Teacher Council of the South. If you have questions, please contact Caroline Sibley at csrob@umich.edu.